Mike's hot rods.

1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue

Color: Black, Red Velour Interior

Nacho: He says you should save your money and get a new car.

Mike: Yeah? Well, it has sentimental value.

This is the Main Mike Car. For some reason, I Mandela'd myself into thinking the outside of Mike's car was burgundy or dark cherry, but looking at the footage, it's clearly matte black.

This car is just full of character.

It looks old, much older than 1988. Exterior looks smart and clean. Intimidating, a little bit. Apparently, it's a pretty damn big car.

But what really gets me is the interior.

I mean, look at it. It's red. It's lush. It's kind of sexy. The outside, I would definitely expect for Mike. But the inside? It's a bit of a surprise.

Considering what the color red means in the two shows... it's a reminder that Mike is a criminal. He's been in that world for a long time. Crime pervades his soul in a lot of ways. Most notably in his penchant for revenge. Revenge is one of the highest ideals of the criminal underground as we see it in the Gilliverse. Blood for blood. It's clear by the end of Better Call Saul that Mike, despite his regrets and his efforts to be moral, fits right into this world.

Obviously, Mike had this car in his first appearance, when his character didn't even have a name. But now that we've spent two shows with the car and with Mike, I think his ride has earned a new significance. I think it's very representative of him. It's a reminder that he's really not what he seems. And it looks extremely cool.