Weapons Used

Sorted very roughly by character/plot relevance.

I do not condone Gun Use. I just like objects that show up again and again.

M40A1 Rifle

Lawson: "You seem to know this one."

Mike: "Oh, yeah. You could say that."

Sniper rifle used by Mike during the Vietnam War (then a wood stock). Used again throughout BCS.

  • Purchased to assassinate Tuco (at Nacho's request)
  • Almost used to assassinate Hector Salamanca ("DON'T")
 Used to sabotage Salamanca truck (cocaine sneakers)
 Bagman shootout, gang assassination + flipping truck
  • Used to cover Jimmy + Kim when Lalo visits the 1st time
 Nacho's suicide, used to cover the meeting

Mike and the M40 have history. With it, he kills and refuses to kill. It links the trials of his youth to the trials he experiences as an old man. It's seen him through some tough shit, emotional cornerstones.

Taurus Model 85 (.38 special)

 Used to kill Hoffman and Fensky.

 Loaned to Jesse for Gus/cartel meeting in "Problem Dog" (cross-series gun!)

 Drawn in cartel sniper attack in "Bug"

 Used to threaten Walter White after he instructs Jesse to kill Gale.

Smith & Wesson Model 629 Performance Center

 Used to kill Werner Ziegler

 Drawn in reaction to the "DON'T"" note.

  • Used to rob Salamanca truck.
 Bagman shootout, used to finish off wounded gang member

  • Often packed in preparation for dangerous situations.

Sig Sauer P225 (silver)

Mike's main off-duty carry when he was a police officer. Used throughout BCS S1 and S2; kept in glove compartment.

 Confiscated by Fensky and Hoffman from Mike's pocket on the night Mike kills them. Fensky later uses it to attempt to shoot Mike (it was unloaded in advance).

 Used to disarm Salamanca's henchmen when they break into his house. Gun he washed blood off of.

Beretta 92FS Inox

Mike's main carry in BB S5.

 Grabbed from dead capos when escaping Don Eladio's mansion in Salud

 Almost kills Walter White with it after learning of Gus's death (he should've done it)

 Almost kills Walter White again after Walt steals Mike's methylamine (he should've done it)

 Gun Mike is holding while he dies. Pulled out of hand by Walt.

This is why he should've done it.

Heckler & Koch Mark 23 (+suppressor)

 The gun used to clean house where Chow is being held hostage. Definitely in everyone's top Mike Moments.

  • Also used in refrigerated truck scene.

Berreta 84FS Cheetah (+suppressor)

 Used to kill Chris Mara after Chris kills Chow.

 Used to threaten Lydia.

Taurus Model 605 (.357 Magnum)

 The go-bag gun, the only gun Mike packed for his new life. Used by Walter White to kill Mike.

I am so sad

Owned, Never Used On Screen

Weapons that Mike threw away in the well before attempting his final escape in "Say My Name."


Mossberg 500

Colt Woodsman


  • He attempts to detonate this, throwing it into the well last. It doesn't go off, because it landed in water or because it was defective.